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Elwood Community
Development Corporation (ECDC)

The Elwood Industrial Development Corporation (EIDC) was established in 1960 under the guidance of the Elwood Chamber of Commerce. The purpose of the corporation was to increase growth in the Elwood community by attracting industrial and commercial businesses to the Elwood community.The original corporation (EIDC) was formed with the leadership of George Stevens, Glenn Auxter, and Charles J. Jehlen. In addition, a board of directors was formed consisting of five business leaders from the Elwood community – Joseph L. Beaty (Public Utility Executive), J. Phil Copher (Funeral Home Owner), George F. Stevens (Manufacturer), Riley Sharp (Attorney), and Walter A. Gillson (Retail Executive). Four thousand shares of stock in the newly founded corporation were offered for sale at a cost of $25 per share to local business owners and residents in order to produce working capital for the new entity. The idea behind the sale of shares was to make EIDC a corporation that was actually owned by the community. Although ownership of shares would not legally produce dividends or financial gain to the shareholders, the return on their investment would be the anticipated growth of the community in the future from the efforts of the corporation.

The role of EIDC as stated in its articles of incorporation dated January 7, 1960 would be:

“To advance the commercial and industrial interests of the City of Elwood, Indiana.To purchase, hold, own, improve, manage, operate, lease as lessee or as lessor, sell, convey and/or mortgage real estate of every kind…”.

In recent years, the ECDC board members have endeavored to gain input from various sectors of the Elwood business community.  Although this has been a challenge due to the small pool of business people and organizations from which to draw from – the current board of directors consists of a diverse cross-section of business people and leaders from our community.

They are:

Jeff Poe – President
Vest Cleaners, Inc. (Owner)

John Burnette, Jr. – Vice President
Burnette-Dellinger Insurance Agency (Agent / Owner)

Thomas Austin – Secretary
Elwood Community School Corporation (Retired Superintendent)

Michael Farrer – Board Member / Legal Counsel
Graham, Renier, Farrer, Wilson, Attorneys (Attorney / Principal)

Eric Fettig, Board Member
Kadet Products (Owner)

Corey May  – Board Member
Copher-Fesler-May Funeral Home (Funeral Director / Owner)

Marcy Fry – Executive Director
Elwood Chamber of Commerce / Elwood Community Development Corporation

Pam Gish – Administrative Assistant / Bookkeeper
Elwood Chamber of Commerce / Elwood Community Development Corporation

The history of EIDC and ECDC is a shining example of what a group of like-minded business people within a community can accomplish together for the growth of their community.  The directors look forward to continuing this strong tradition of growth and elevate the Elwood community to even higher levels in the future.